Tower Of Strength – The Mission



Album Tower Of Strength by The Mission
Album Tower Of Strength by The Mission

Tower Of Strength is a compilation album by The Mission, released in 2000.

It contains remastered versions of some of their most popular songs, as well as rare and unreleased tracks. The album showcases the band’s diverse musical influences, ranging from gothic rock to psychedelic pop. The album also features guest appearances by members of The Cure, All About Eve, and The Sisters of Mercy. Tower Of Strength is a testament to The Mission’s enduring legacy and influence in the alternative rock scene.

Tower Of Strength i a strong single that showcases the band’s strengths and remains a highlight of their discography.


  • Wayne Hussey – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Craig Adams – bass guitar
  • Mick Brown – drums, percussion
  • Simon Hinkler – guitar, keyboards
  • John Paul Jones – producer, string arrangements

This is the personnel of the album Tower Of Strength by The Mission, a gothic rock band from England.

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