Tumbling Down the Years – Marillion



Tumbling Down the Years - Marillion
Tumbling Down the Years - Marillion

Tumbling Down the Years is a live album by the British rock band Marillion, released in 2009. The album features recordings of songs from various eras of the band’s career, performed during their 2008 tour. The album showcases the band’s versatility and creativity, as they reinterpret their classic songs with new arrangements and energy. The album also includes some rare tracks that have not been performed live for a long time, such as “Slainte Mhath” and “Sugar Mice”. Tumbling Down the Years is a testament to Marillion’s enduring appeal and musical evolution, as they celebrate their past while looking forward to their future.


The album Tumbling Down the Years was released to critical acclaim, with many reviewers praising the band’s performance and the quality of the sound. It was also a commercial success, reaching number 17 on the UK Albums Chart.


  • Steve Hogarth – lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Steve Rothery – guitars
  • Pete Trewavas – bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Kelly – keyboards
  • Ian Mosley – drums, percussion

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