Turn of the Tides – Tangerine Dream – 1994


Album Turn of the Tides by Tangerine Dream
Album Turn of the Tides by Tangerine Dream

Turn of the Tides is an album by the German electronic music group Tangerine Dream, released in 1994 by Miramar Recordings. It is the first studio album to feature saxophone player Linda Spa and guitarist Zlatko Perica as full-time members of the band. The album is based on a short story by Edgar Froese, the founder and leader of Tangerine Dream, called The Coachman’s Tales, which explores the themes of fate, destiny and time. The album consists of eight tracks, ranging from atmospheric and ambient pieces to more rhythmic and melodic ones. The opening track, Pictures at an Exhibition, is a reinterpretation of the classical composition by Modest Mussorgsky, while the closing track, Turn of the Tides, is a symphonic and epic finale. The album was nominated for Best New Age Album at the 1995 Grammy Awards.

Turn of the Tides is considered to be one of Tangerine Dream’s most successful and critically acclaimed albums. It is notable for its innovative use of electronic music, its evocative atmosphere, and its exploration of environmental themes. The album is often cited as a must-have for any fan of electronic music or new-age music.

The personnel of the album Turn of the Tides by Tangerine Dream, released in 1994, consisted of four members: Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese, who played guitar, keyboards, drums and also did sound design and programming; Linda Spa, who played saxophone and keyboards; and Zlatko Perica, who played lead, acoustic and rhythm guitars. The album also featured guest vocals by Jayney Klimek and Julie Ocean, and horns by Vienna Horn Ensemble. The album was nominated for Best New Age Album at the 1995 Grammys. The opening track was a reworked version of Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky.

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