Ultimate Santana – Santana – 2007



Album Ultimate Santana by Santana
Album Ultimate Santana by Santana

Ultimate Santana is a compilation album by the Latin rock band Santana, released in 2007 by Sony BMG. It features songs from different periods of the band’s career, spanning four decades. It also includes three new tracks: “Into the Night” with Chad Kroeger, “This Boy’s Fire” with Jennifer Lopez and Baby Bash, and “The Game of Love” with Tina Turner. The album showcases Santana’s fusion of rock, blues, Latin, and African rhythms, as well as the guitar virtuosity of Carlos Santana. Some of the band’s most popular hits are included, such as “Smooth”, “Maria Maria”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Samba Pa Ti”, and “Oye Como Va”. The album also contains a remix of “Oye Como Va” by DJ Paul Oakenfold, titled “Interplanetary Party”. Ultimate Santana is a celebration of Santana’s musical legacy and influence.

Ultimate Santana is considered to be one of Santana’s best albums. It is a must-have for any fan of rock music.


  • Carlos Santana – lead, acoustic and electric guitar, lead and back vocals
  • Everlast – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Jennifer Lopez – vocals
  • Alex Band – vocals
  • Mana – vocals
  • Michelle Branch – vocals
  • Rob Thomas – vocals
  • Steven Tyler – vocals
  • Baby Bash – vocals
  • The Product G&B – vocals
  • Tina Turner – vocals
  • Greg Walker – vocals
  • Chad Kroeger – guitar, vocals
  • Neal Schon – guitar
  • Rick Nowels – acoustic guitar
  • Leon Patillo – piano
  • Armando Peraza – congas, percussion
  • Chepito Areas – percussion
  • Michael Schrieve – drums
  • Leon “Ndugu” Chancler – drums
  • Tom Coster – keyboards
  • David Brown – bass
  • Jules Broussard – saxophone

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