Unfinished Business – Loverboy – 2014


Album Unfinished Business by the band Loverboy
Album Unfinished Business by the band Loverboy

Unfinished Business is the title of the ninth studio album by the Canadian rock band Loverboy, released in 2014. The album features 10 songs that span the band’s career, from their early hits to their recent comeback. Some of the songs were written by guitarist Paul Dean decades ago, while others were co-written by lead singer Mike Reno and other collaborators. The album was recorded at different locations and mixed by Paul Dean himself. The album showcases the band’s signature style of hard rock with catchy melodies, powerful vocals, and synth accents. Some of the songs on the album are “Fire Me Up”, “Countin’ the Nights”, “Ain’t Such a Bad Thing”, “Come Undone”, “Slave”, “What Makes You So Special”, “War Bride”, “Doin’ It the Hard Way”, “You Play the Star”, and “Crack of the Whip”. Unfinished Business is a testament to Loverboy’s enduring legacy and appeal to rock fans of all ages .

Unfinished Business is a must-have for any fan of Loverboy. It is a strong comeback album that showcases the band’s hard rock and AOR roots.


  • Mike Reno – lead vocals, harmonica
  • Paul Dean – guitar, backing vocals
  • Doug Johnson – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Matt Frenette – drums, percussion
  • Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve – bass, backing vocals

The different versions published for this album :