Viral Black – The Alarm – 2017


Album Viral Black by The Alarm
Album Viral Black by The Alarm

One of the most influential albums of the decade was Viral Black by The Alarm, released in 2017. The album marked a radical departure from the band’s previous sound, incorporating elements of industrial, electronic and alternative rock. The lyrics explored themes of alienation, isolation and resistance in a dystopian world. The album received critical acclaim and commercial success, reaching number one on several charts and spawning several hit singles. The album also inspired a loyal fan base and a cultural movement that resonated with the turbulent times. Viral Black is widely regarded as a masterpiece of modern rock music and a landmark in the history of The Alarm.

Viral Black is a solid album that captures The Alarm’s energy but is not essential. It is a decent introduction to the band’s later work and is a must-have for any fan of their classic sound.


  • Mike Peters – Vocals, Guitar
  • Jules Jones Peters – Guitar, Vocals
  • James Stevenson – Guitar
  • Craig Adams – Bass
  • Smiley (Steve) Barnard – Drums
  • Mark Taylor – Keyboards

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