Virtual XI – Iron Maiden – 1998


Album Virtual XI by the band Iron Maiden
Album Virtual XI by the band Iron Maiden

Virtual XI is the eleventh studio album by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released in 1998. It is the second and final album to feature vocalist Blaze Bayley, who replaced Bruce Dickinson in 1993. The album received mixed reviews from critics and fans, who criticized the lack of memorable songs, the low energy level, and Bayley’s vocal performance. Some of the songs were inspired by movies, books, and historical events, such as The X-Files, Brave New World, and the Yugoslav Wars. The album’s title refers to the band’s use of virtual reality technology in their stage show and cover art. The album spawned two singles, “The Angel and the Gambler” and “Futureal”, both of which charted in the UK. Virtual XI sold less than its predecessor, The X Factor, and marked the band’s lowest point in terms of commercial success. However, some fans and critics have praised the album for its dark and progressive elements, and for Bayley’s emotional delivery on songs like “The Clansman” and “Como Estais Amigos”. Virtual XI is considered by many to be one of Iron Maiden’s most underrated albums, and has gained a cult following over the years.

Virtual XI is a divisive album in the Iron Maiden discography. It is praised by some for its heavy sound and Bayley’s vocals, while it is criticized by others for its lack of originality and Bayley’s vocal performance. Regardless of one’s opinion of the album, it is a significant chapter in Iron Maiden’s history and is sure to continue to be debated by fans for years to come.

The personnel of the album Virtual XI by Iron Maiden, released in 1998, are:

  • Blaze Bayley: vocals
  • Dave Murray: guitar
  • Janick Gers: guitar
  • Steve Harris: bass, keyboards, producer
  • Nicko McBrain: drums
  • Nigel Green: co-producer, engineer

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