Will and Testament – The Sound – 2021



Album Will and Testament by The Sound
Album Will and Testament by The Sound

Will and Testament is a posthumous live album by the British post-punk band The Sound, released in 2021. The album features recordings from various concerts between 1984 and 1987, showcasing the band’s energetic and passionate performance style. The album also includes four demo tracks that were never released on studio albums, such as “Will”, “13 Hours”, “All I Need (Is You Today)”, and “Kiss of Life”. Will and Testament is a testament to the legacy of The Sound, a band that was often overlooked and underrated in their time, but influenced many artists in the alternative rock scene. The album captures the raw emotion and intensity of The Sound’s music, as well as the charisma and talent of their late singer and guitarist Adrian Borland, who died by suicide in 1999.

Will and Testament is considered to be one of The Sound’s most important albums. It is a testament to the band’s songwriting and musicianship, and it is sure to please fans of post-punk and new wave music.

 The personnel of the album are:

  • Adrian Borland – vocals, guitar
  • Colvin Mayers – keyboards
  • Graham Bailey – bass
  • Michael Dudley – drums
  • Max Mayers – saxophone on some tracks

Source: Wikipedia

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