Wings of Heaven – Magnum – 1988


Album Wings of Heaven by the band Magnum
Album Wings of Heaven by the band Magnum

Wings of Heaven is the seventh studio album by the British rock band Magnum, released in 1988. The album was a commercial success, reaching number five on the UK Albums Chart and spawning three hit singles: “Days of No Trust”, “Start Talking Love” and “It Must Have Been Love”. The album showcases Magnum’s melodic rock style, with catchy hooks, soaring vocals and powerful guitar riffs. The lyrics deal with themes of love, faith, hope and betrayal, often using metaphors and imagery from mythology and religion. Wings of Heaven is widely regarded as one of Magnum’s best albums and a classic of the genre.

Wings of Heaven is considered to be one of Magnum’s best albums. It is a solid album of hard rock with a few catchy tunes, and it is a testament to the band’s enduring popularity.


  • Tony Clarkin – guitar and backing vocals
  • Bob Catley – lead vocals
  • Wally Lowe – bass guitar and backing vocals
  • Mark Stanway – keyboards
  • Mickey Barker – drums

The different versions published for this album :