Winter Chants – Gregorian


Winter Chants - Gregorian
Winter Chants - Gregorian

Winter Chants is a musical album by the Gregorian choir, a group of singers who perform modern songs in the style of medieval Gregorian chants. The album was released in 2014 and features 12 tracks, including covers of popular songs such as “Hallelujah”, “Frozen”, and “Halo”. The album also includes original compositions inspired by the winter season, such as “Masters of Chant”, “World Without End”, and “Ave Maria”. The album showcases the choir’s harmonious vocals, atmospheric arrangements, and spiritual themes. Winter Chants is a unique and captivating blend of ancient and contemporary music that appeals to fans of classical, pop, and new age genres.

Winter Chants is a must-have for any fan of Gregorian or Christmas music. It is a beautiful and atmospheric collection of Gregorian chants that is perfect for the holiday season.


  • Frank Peterson – producer, keyboards, programming, mixing
  • Michael Soltau – co-producer, keyboards, programming, mixing
  • Richard Naxton – vocals
  • Johnny Clucas – vocals
  • Lawrence Whitehurst – vocals
  • Gerry O’Beirne – vocals
  • Chris Tickner – vocals
  • Dan Hoadley – vocals
  • David Tilley – vocals
  • Rob Fardell – vocals
  • Nick Garrett – vocals
  • Simon Grant – vocals
  • Amelia Brightman – vocals, backing vocals
  • Nina Hagen – vocals on “Hallelujah”
  • Sarah Brightman – vocals on “Veni Veni Emmanuel”

The different versions published for this album :